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Everyone is a ‘Story’ so am I. Come, let’s know this one!

Waving a big HELLO to your already beautiful eyes. Well, PROFESSION? A Content and Creative Writer – Editor – Spoken English/Content Writing Trainer – Trainer for minds who aspire to be a trainer – Poet – Storyteller. Hash! Those are the official words for my bio. 

But listen! Here comes the craziest part. Abandoning the corporates to pursue my actual interest was a consistent kick towards what I aspired to be – SELF-EMPLOYED. Writing became my bread and butter when my passion and profession decided to vow for life. So, ta-da, here I am that I desired to be. I have built an independent working mindset for myself; I proudly label it as one of my happiest triggers.

Yes, writing is my first love and my go-to therapy. Nevertheless, I am blessed with a few more secret loves of my life! I am also an avid reader, a hard-line optimistic, and a magic fanatic. Besides, singing, painting, and doing voice-overs add to my line of interests anyway. I have seen the storms bow down at me. Thus, for me, Everything-Is-Magical.

I believe… “Magic exists if only we believe that it does!”

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